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Currently, there has been lot of buzz around investing in global markets. Moreover, there is no dearth of brokers who can help an Indian invest in multinational companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and Twitter even while residing in India.

Opening an account with any of these brokers introduces you to the innumerable options available in global market.

However, most of the investors may not find it easy to do an analysis on international companies. But worry not for you have mutual funds !


Why Global Market

Exposure: Global market provides you with the chance of investing in multinational companies like Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft

Dollars: Investing in dollars is highly advantageous considering the appreciation in dollars compared to the Indian currency. While investing in a company in United states, you get benefitted from the growth of the company as well as the currency.

Huge Corpus: If you have a huge corpus amount in your hands, why limit your risks to Indian market. Diversifying geographically opens you to the vast options available there.


Tips for Investing

  • Invest a 10 percent of your mutual funds in global market. For example, if you are investing Rs. 50,000 a month in mutual funds, invest 10 percent of it, that is, 5000 in global market.
  • Avoid global market if the invested amount is smaller
  • There are funds available which have 50-75% participation in Indian market and 25% in global market.
  • Understand your investment objective, risk profile, terms of investment and the desired goal which helps you choose the funds.

Indians who make a huge presence in social media contribute a lot to the growing revenue of conglomerates like Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Why not then invest in these companies and increase your wealth ?

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