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Ever wondered about the inability to save money despite being handsomely paid? Do not be worried as the attitude towards money is reflective of one’s personality and there are more like you.

Based on one’s approach towards money, financial experts have categorised people into three – spenders, savers and investors.


The spenders, once they receive the salary use the money for their expenses and save the surplus amount. For example, those who mainly make their payments through credit card use the salary received for credit card payments.

If you are a spender, read our do’s and don’t’s with money to avoid financial pitfalls.


The second category of people save a specific amount from their earned income after which the remaining is spend in meeting monthly expenses.

Savers can take their game to the next level by knowing how to choose the right investments for them.


Investors are the real wealth creators. Once they’ve received their salary, they invest a specific amount in an asset class with a high growth potential. The rest of the money is used for expenses.

Take for instance a case where someone buys 1 gram of gold every month.  If he/she continues to do this for 10 years, they will have 120 grams of gold in their possession which will be a huge asset considering the soaring gold price. They are the example of an investor we are talking of here.

Likewise, investors identify the most suitable investment option based on the requirement and time span which he or she plans to invest. This helps them attain financial freedom.

If you are salaried, it is important to understand the category you belong to. Do not worry if you are a spender. Manage your spending habit and try being a saver which is the first step to be an investor. If you are a saver, identify a good investment option and multiply your money like an investor.

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