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Money Talks Weekly

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Independence day celebration is really patriotic. When we were children, we used to go to schools and take part in flag hosting + we listen a speech from head master and receive Laddu or Chocolate ! we used to crave for that sweets. I don’t think, kids these days have that craze to get sweets. One good stuff happens at my apartment is that we do host flag with all inmates. We have a Senior Citizen, he does the flag hosting, last year he did host the flag and become sentimental on his younger days independence day celebration.

One of my flag hosting was at a Bishop house. Priest host the flag and delivered a speech, he said – we have earned our independence in 1947, but are we really got our independence ?

In reality, most of us are not secured our freedom. We still not earned our freedom to choose what we want. We have strings attached with EMIs and other reasons to the work we are doing. Just imagine, if you have all the money in our hand. What do we do everyday ? what do we love the most ? that should be our job !

Sadly, most of us are not doing the work we love !

If we have financial freedom, we could work anything we love, without thing about the pay check.

There are IT professionals on IT jobs for the pay check, otherwise he may be a teacher or artist. Also, There are teachers on their job for paycheck without enjoying teaching.

Find a job in what you love is a need and it is possible only if one can take financial risk. He/She should have a decent money saved up.

There are jobs, may not get you proper money at a certain level. That push people to take up job, they may not enjoy. After certain time, he end up in trap of responsibilities.

If you are in that category. There is a solution, work for Financial Freedom ! start earn second source of income from investments without actively involved. Then move to a career you love without any money tension.

Its possible, with a plan ! have a dream, take a first step for your financial freedom journey. Fighter in you should act.

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