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Money Talks Weekly # 10

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We all have dream of doing something in our life. I have NRE family members who had dreams of going for world tour and confuse that with their Kerala vacation. There are many NREs in our parents generation had only one travel. One to Kerala (home town) and then to back to Gulf (work place). Now we are seeing improvements in travel dream execution !

But there are a lot of dreams stay there as just dreams. Like, wanted to start a part time business or buy some good gadget or solo trip and so on.

We all have many dreams pass by, there are dreams continuously come and go. It is good to write out your dreams, especially the ones comes to your mind often.

All dreams are associated with a cost. when your responsibilities knock the door, you keep post ponding  your dream and that dream stays there as just a dream for ever.

Instead, convert them to a goal, Dream to Goal.

What is that Dream ? Ex – Buy Rado watch

How much it cost ? Ex – 2 Lakhs INR

When you want it ? Ex – 31-Mar-2025

Do I have money to buy that now or some part of money ? Ex – I have 50,000 INR

Can I spare a small amount of money for this goals every month ? I am sure, you can. Do that, improve it every time possible and make your dream possible on the time you fixed ! Ex – I can spare 5000 INR / Month

Sounds like a plan ? Convert all your dream like this into a goal and make it happen for you !

It’s your goal, Let’s make it !

Happy Saving.

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