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Hi All👋,

Major source of our confidence✊ on money comes from our own primary income🪙, Salary ! Even businessman / self-employed person should fix a Salary for themselves. If it is confusing we will speak later, how to do it !

I spoke to many people on their Debt or problem with money💰. They ask for a side income or Income from stock market opportunity. I had a discussion with one of my clients about 3 years back. He is from a small town in Kerala, working in a small IT firm. Small salary, had family responsibility, had a relationship with his love of his life. Wanted to marry her and scared about his expenses. With his current salary, it was impossible for him to lead a life he wanted to live.

We spoke about his income, expenses and financial goals or requirements in his life. So, he asked a solution🔔. We spoke about the opportunity to improve his salary. He was afraid to get a rise from existing job with existing skill set. We have suggested each other, why don’t he try courses to improve skill👨‍💻 and change location to Kochi. Plus he said, he wanted to start an investment monthly 2000 Rupees. He was not sure about 2000 Saving per month but he said, I want to make it happen this somehow.

He has continue interaction with my team members in office and few months back, He has visited again and met me. He wanted to increase his monthly investment to 50,000 rupees. He said, last 3 years, he did improve his skill by attending courses, attended interviews🙇. Many rejected, cracked few and joined in best offer from Kochi. Now in less than 3 years, he got married👰‍♀️, shifted to town and able to save from 2000 to 50,000 rupees per month.

The best investment is always is on our career, then save more and spend less⬇️. Always recheck, am I able to get a hike of certain percentage year or year. Otherwise, we have to improve our skill and look for better result.

There are a lot of search for multiple source🤹‍♂️ of income and side business. But it is safe to focus on primary job first. Once you are making decent income from that, we can look for alternate income.

Yes, we may have excuses, Keep aside. Please believe this way for your own good 😀 !

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