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Money Talks Weekly # 6

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This Sunday, we celebrated father’s day ! Being a father is proud and great responsibility. My daughter wanted to go abroad and study on acting. She is 12, not interested in any studies here. I am very clear, I can’t  fund her education to expensive colleges without scholarship. Even with scholarship it is heavy money. My reason for this dialogue is to make her senior about her aspiration plus I like her to be in India or with me till her career starts.

I have planned for her education and doing SIP (hope you know, what is SIP ? if not please watch – Click Here>> This will help her studies if it goes in a normal way. My daughter’s view is that she may get scholarship but now don’t remind her on that, instead just support her. Money matter will happen at the right time.

Ok, I felt – She is correct. Whatever it is, I understood now that SIP amount is not enough !

As individuals we have responsibilities and dreams. It is good to seriously identify that numbers correctly. As a father, as a spouse, as a child – we have responsibilities and same we have our own retirement and dreams. Who will fulfill it ? If we plan, it can happen easily else it will happen with luck.

Do you want to realize your dreams and responsibility with luck or as planned ?

I am sure, you want to make it with plan !

List down, your responsibilities and dreams, When do you want ? How much will be that on that date ? Can you start investing for that date and for that amount ?

Let’s make it happen !

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