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Money Talks Weekly # 3

This is my weekly write up trying to write down my learning to all our email group and linked in.

We always speak about importance of savings, Spend less than you earn is a common advice always get. It is the basic of money life !

But there are spending in our life, definitely we cannot avoid. Our needs like food, shelter can’t be avoided. These days, mobile bill and shopping also part of basic need ????

I have seen people who earn significant amount of money and lead a very low budget life. They sacrifice many things life. They think, lead a moderate lifestyle is a sin. Their family never had this kind of lifestyle. Always has this, ‘My father was a low grade worker or daily wager’. He struggle to bring food to the table and created debt to send me to school.

Yes, if you think this carefully, that daily wager had a vision to send his/ her child for education with debt ! his parents were poor but they had a progressive mind set. As their child, you should not forget their root but they have to move this thinking to higher level and lead a good quality lifestyle.

This doesn’t mean over spending. This means, improving a quality of life, add value to entire family and society. Lead a good family life, stay in good home, involve in good cause in society and better education their children and so on.

Some spending always is an investment. If you are working couple, having a maid to help save time. Going for much needed family vacation is an investment for our family bound, eating good quality food is an investment for your health, buying book is an investment if you are reading, list goes on.

Spending is needed, over spending harmful. Spend for experience and value addition in life, that will boost your life. Saving too much with sacrificing all enjoyment in life is harmful. Learn to build a balance in Spending, that will help us build a happy life.

Before Spending or cutting down spending, ask yourself – What value addition is it going to bring ? If I spend this, am I going to use it for any use ? if you have a positive answer, If spend it with joy !

Hope, this will help you spend your money happily and lead a prosperous life a head !

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