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Money Talks Weekly

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If you want to achieve any financial goals, you can either save up money or you can avail loan and make that goal happen. Be it Kids education or home purchase or car purchase or personal loan for anytime. But at retirement age, you cant get a loan. Yes, you have reverse mortgage if you have asset ( we can keep this topic for later time)

Otherwise, if you want to take retirement at the age of 55 and you live till 85 or 90. How do you manage your expenses without earning money for next 30 + years ?

This is where the importance of retirement resides.

Can you expect your children to take care of you ? if yes, good for you ! but is it guaranteed ?

Do you think how much per month to lead a good lifestyle ? Do you know something called inflation is going create trouble for you ? if your current expense is 30,000 per month in ten year this expense will be 60,000 per month or in 20 years this expense will become – 120,000 per month ( this is just an approximate number ). But this is a big concern when it comes to your retirement expenses.

Are you in check with inflation for your retirement ?

Keeping this in mind. Biggest responsibility of your life is your kids marriage or buying expensive car or home, it should be your own retirement. You need a sum of money on your retirement day to generate income for expense. This should beat inflation over the years.

This is possible, with proper planning and disciplined investing method.

Let’s start your action for retirement fund.

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