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Money Talks Weekly # 12

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There are many Japanese concepts that have interested me, but IKIGAI is something really influenced in my life. Still wonder, if I have understood it fully.  Each time when read the book IKIGAI, it boost my energy. I recommend all to read this book or read any blogs around IKIGAI or try to understand the below diagram and reflect your life to it:



If you can identify below 4 questions of your life, you can arrive it a middle point / balance of it. That is where you will find the reason for your being, that’s called IKIGAI !

  1. What you love the most ?
  2. What are you good at doing ?
  3. What you can be paid for ?
  4. What the world is in need ?

Finding purpose in life is difficult and not easy to arrive at it. Asking these questions and arriving an IKIGAI state is also not easy. But attempting these questions regularly will help you arrive at a more happy and purposeful life. I cant guarantee you, any timeline. But it will bring an improvement and consciousness to your happiness of doing, what you are doing.

I have a friend working in UK in a retail sector. He loves food, he was a decent cook used to help his wife at kitchen. He mother is a good traditional cook. Once he saved up a decent some of money, left UK and started a traditional restaurant in Kochi. He is making money and people love his food. He is leading a better life. Initially he was not earning same as UK and this business demand more time from his family life. But he is happy now ! We all can, arrive at this stage, if we start asking this questions on a regular basis.

What we need is respect in the society and should able to do what we want to do without any pressure. Money will come and go. If money is coming with an interesting job, you can enjoy your work and earn.

You may be working in a good earning job. Keep aligning your life to your IKIGAI and enjoy your life.

Happy earning !

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