Mithun, Kochi

It was very informative and it threw enough light on the fact that how we women always take a back seat when it comes to financial management…!
Now I have some food for thought 😊
Thank you for sharing the link.. Was very helpful..!

Jayakrishnan kirandumkara, Mumbai

Unbelievable! Very good service! I started with Money Talks with Nikhil in early 2020, before starting with Money Talks With Nikhil I didnt have clear goal.  But the team helped to form midterm and long term goal. Interaction with the entire Money Talks With Nikhil team is really amazing. Looking forward for a long term partnership

Anish Antony, UAE

Only an expert can guide you to achieve your life goals faster, thanks to Money Talks with Nikhil for that. Throughout my investment journey, I never met such expertise and committed team like Money Talks With Nikhil


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